On-call publicists for small business owners.

We make public relations services available to

those who need it most.

Whether you're launching a new campaign or trying to respond to a negative comment on your social media post, it's nice to have a publicist to call to advise you along the way.

'CALL YOUR PUBLICISTS' is an on-demand service designed to give small business owners the confidence and support they need to increase their visibility and enhance their reputation.

When you place "flash calls" to our team of publicists, we can help you:

  • respond to negative feedback on your social media accounts

  • review talking points for an upcoming public address

  • decide whether or not to pitch a story to the media

  • review the terms of your new launch

  • review potential strategic partners (businesses and influencers)

  • develop key phrases for your messaging

  • and so much more

Many business leaders understand the impact of working with a publicist, but do not have the budget (on average, a minimum of $3k-$5k per month for a 6-12-month term).

Our goal is to make this critical service accessible to those who need it most.

If you've always wanted a publicist to help you through tough decisions for your brand and reputation management, 'CALL YOUR PUBLICISTS' just might be the right fit.


How it Works

Choose a term length.

Sign-on to work with our team for the term that best fits your needs (1 month or 3 months). This determines how long we will be your on-call publicists, providing support for your most pressing visibility and reputation issues.

Place your "flash" calls.

Once you sign on, you officially have a PUBLICIST! Call whenever you need support and guidance as you make key decisions about your brand.

Make informed decisions.

With CALL YOUR PUBLICISTS, you receive guidance and encouragement from a team of Communications professionals who have experience with campaign launches, reputation management, and  high-level strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet The Founders


Marilyn Shaw

Founder of the LIVE + SHARE Agency, Marilyn Shaw is a Communications professional whose portfolio includes:

  • media partner at Essence Festival and Black Enterprise

  • securing media placements with Fox, ABC, Yahoo, The Business Journal, Madame Noir, Florida Politics and more

  • NAACP St. Pete Executive Board

  • Public Relations and Communications Coordinator for an esteemed higher education institution in St. Petersburg, FL

Marilyn is also a best-selling author, speaker, and podcast host.


Danielle Bayard Jackson

Founder of TELL Public Relations, Danielle is a Communications professional whose portfolio includes:

  • securing media placements with NBC News, Psychology Today, TED, HuffPost, and more

  • former Diversity committee chair for Public Relations Society of America Tampa chapter

  •  public relations consultant for Forbes council members, filmmakers, YouTube stars and national nonprofits

  • mentor for minority public relations majors

Danielle is also a national speaker and podcast host.


Who is this for?

'CALL YOUR PUBLICISTS' serves budget-conscious small business owners who have always wanted the peace of mind of having a publicist on call.

We serve individual talent, solopreneurs, small non-profits, and thought leaders.

If you'd like to speak about more expansive consulting for your organization, please complete the contact form below.

What is included?

This service includes one-on-one, personalized support from a member of our experienced communications team. When you call, we can help you:

  • respond to negative feedback on your social media accounts

  • review talking points for an upcoming public address

  • decide whether or not to pitch a story to the media

  • prepare for a launch

  • discuss potential partners (businesses and influencers)

  • review your messaging

  • and so much more

If you're looking for full-service PR representation,  we can refer you to our partners, as this service is designed for simplified, on-demand consulting.

How often will we speak?

This service includes up to two 20-minute calls per week for the duration of your selected term. Clients will enjoy the convenience of scheduling a call as quickly as 24 hours in advance.

These strategy calls can be used to strategize creative ways to increase your visibility OR to help you avoid or manage a crisis.

You are encouraged to use this service in the best possible ways to enhance your overall PR strategy.

What is the investment?

The average public relations agency costs

about $3k-$10k per month for a minimum of six months.


Many small business owners are unable to afford this service, but are in great need of support  in increasing their visibility and managing their reputations.


Your investment with CYP will vary depending on your selected term:

One month: $999 total

Three months: $1,299 total